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Worship began in a school four miles east of Edinburg, Illinois.  On July 8, 1894, the first official meeting was held to establish the "German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Unaltered Augsburg Confession, in and near Edinburg, Christian County, Illinois,"  The congregation consisted of 85 souls, 52 communicants, and 13 voters.

The church was to be built outside of Edinburg on a one acre plot provided by Mr. August and Mr. Henry Ostermeier.  The building was dedicated in November of 1895 to the service of the Triune God.  On September 9, 1936, a meeting was held to authorize the move and modernization of the church to Edinburg.  In August of 1937, the church was moved to its present location and finished with a brick veneer.

In 1952, the parsonage was dedicated.

In 1961, a committee was convened to investigate the remodeling and enlarging of the church.  On October 11, 1964, the addition was dedicated.

In 2014, additional remodeling was completed, including the installation of an elevator.  On August 23, 2015, the addition was dedicated and the remaining balance of the mortgage was paid in full due to the blessings of the Lord.

trinity lutheran edinburg illinois
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